We suffer under the burden and pressure of technology every day. The promise of technology was that it would make our life easier, lift the burden of daily chores and redundant activities off our shoulders and onto modern technological wonders and whizbangs.

Well, guess what? It didn’t.

It added to our work load. It consumed our time. It flattened our asses, dried out our eyes, and weakened our backsides.

And that is for the technology that works right and does what it is supposed to do.

Everyday I run int some form of technology that makes my life harder when it really doesn’t have to. Don’t you? So this is my space for the Tech Nag in me to unleash.

We all have a Tech Nag inside of us. Join me in letting loose your Tech Nag and letting technology inventors, builders, manufacturers, and distributors know that we ain’t taking this lying down (okay, we’re taking it sitting down, but that’s a different issue)! Let your voice join mine to help right the wrong technology in the world. Or at least get them to fix a few things to keep their promise of making our lives easier.

You can find more rants, raves, and whines from Lorelle VanFossen in the following technologically supported, virtual locations.

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