Dear Airlines, You are Welcome for the $25 Million.

I understand that recently you got a big profitable bonus when the FAA’s budget caused taxes on air travel not to be collected, totally about $25 million a day. Wasn’t it nice of the United States government not to ask for that money back.

And you are welcome. After all, it was our idiocy in trusting Wall Street, banks, the real estate market, and other government and financial institutions with our money that led to this crisis of faith and finances within the United States and the world that led to a government shut down which created the tax holiday for the airlines. I’d appreciate a little credit for the gift we gave you. Expect more in the future as we continue to wreck havoc on our economy and government and more tax holidays approach.

I’m sure the money is already spent, but if it isn’t, I’d like to recommend you consider some positive choices you have for spending it wisely.

I know that Delta is trying to do so with their ads promising customer loyalty and appreciation, but customers know otherwise.

Here’s some recommendations I’d like to offer to make our travel with your airlines logical, efficient, and more enjoyable.

  • Make every seat in a particular section the same price. Don’t play games with seat prices. It must cost you a lot of money to maintain the gaming software and databases to manipulate seat prices.
  • Include one bag for free. The bag game is a costly expense to handle, so really, why bother.
  • Add more electronic ticketing booths. Yes, that will put more people out of work, but I don’t think so. It will mostly cut down the lines. People will still need humans to handle their travel issues.
  • Work with the TSA to get two brain cells to rub together so they will use methods faster and more efficient to check people through to the gates. The current practice does no good, protects no one, and makes the whole travel experience uncomfortable and stupid. You have the power to make that change, so use it.
  • Find more ways to make your employees smile. I’m so tired of seeing tired, worn out, frustrated, and angry airline employees. Their jobs are tough and they are stuck dishing out stupid rules, regulations, and restrictions. They are tired of customers being tired, worn out, frustrated, and angry with them. So share your wealth with them, at the least, to make them feel like someone in the world cares.

Airlines, this is the year of effective protests and uprisings. We’re getting smarter about having our voices heard and moving mountains that were once thought immovable. If you keep going like you are, some folks are going to start turning their spotlights towards you, and this is a fight you will lose.

Start treating customers with dignity, respect, and joy, or you won’t have them any more, no matter how many tax holidays you get.

Thank you,

The Tech Nag

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