Dear Skype, Please Stop Crashing My Browser

Dear Skype:

I’ve put up with a ton of issues from Adobe Flash crashing my browsers. Now Skype is my main crash deviant.

I’ve put up with your terrible new reinstall that spawns web pages and took FOREVER recently.

You think I’m kidding.

I’ve had Skype installed since Skype began. I’m frequently teased as I’m “Lorelle” on Skype, not “Lorelle254” or some other silly name. I’m the first Lorelle that signed up for Skype, probably in your first 500-1000 registered users. I also pay for your service, so I’m qualified to rant and rave about your growing problems and my increasing frustration.

Logging in today, I was greeted by two confusing “Skype” disguised Internet Explorer browser windows. They were filled with ads but also with options and choices I had to make. I was in a hurry for a meeting and didn’t have time to mess around with reading all the stuff. I just needed to find my login.

It appeared that I would have to install Skype, so I did. Twenty minutes later, I’m now 15 minutes late for my online meeting and Skype is still not installed. Things are loading, whirling, clicking, and my state-of-the-art, powerful computer is locking up and dragging as it consumes memory and hard drive activity. Ten minutes later, it installs, but I’m still clicking around trying to just find a login. I finally find the familiar buttons and open it up, only to have those two damn Internet Explorer windows pop up, covering everything, selling me more Skype crap.

I apologize to the client and life goes on, both of us cursing Skype and browsers, and Internet software in general.

When I’m done, I’m so furious, I completely log out and quit Skype.

Then my browser crashes. Why? The installed Skype Toolbars that I worked so hard to remove multiple times because they crash both Chrome and Firefox on a regular basis, usually at the worst of times.

I have to go into the Extensions and Plugins of each browser and disable the Skype Toolbar Plugins.

A few hours later, I’m up against a deadline when my computer goes wonky. I’ll save the long, horrible story and sum it up as an hour and a half of wasted time spent banging my head against my desk as I couldn’t get control of my mouse or keyboard as everything turned to molasses speeds. I rarely ever use Internet Explorer and it hasn’t been my default browser for nearly ten years and yet two Internet Explorer windows filled with Skype promotional crap kept popping up and wouldn’t close.

I managed to crawl through my Windows Task Manager and found NO evidence of Skype on, active, or in process, and yet something kept spawning these Skype Internet Explorer windows. I finally turned off my computer, losing much of my article, and rebooted.

I went through everything and cannot find anything that activates Skype without my manual permission and action to ensure this wouldn’t happen again, but I now don’t trust you, Skype.

I don’t trust you for this, nor for the battle I’ve fought for months thinking I had some virus disguised as a Skype toolbar or functionality as it came with the URL in the error report. Why the hell you would have anything with a Russian extension on the domain name or function is beyond me, but I got the error every time I started Firefox:

Error: Components,classes(

And I’m not alone in the suffering of the error.

Please fix this immediately and offer up a sensible fix for the rest of us still struggling with this.

Here is what I’m specifically asking for.

  1. Please provide an option for installing Skype’s Plugins and toolbars to my browsers. This used to be an option and it is now gone. Put it back.
  2. Don’t make installation a long and tedious affair unless you give us fair warning like providing the size of the download file or a time estimate based upon bandwidth options.
  3. Do not assume I’m using Internet Explorer or any browser. Let my system handle which browser to showcase your promotional crap.
  4. Don’t spam windows for any reason, no matter how good your sale or discount or deal is. Email us or put it in the Skype app.
  5. Don’t use suspicious file names or error codes that make us waste our time thinking we’ve had our computers hacked.
  6. Don’t make us work so hard to enjoy and use your service. While most use it for free, many of us pay for the privilege. We deserve your respect.

Please stop crashing my browsers, Skype.

Are you listening? We aren’t going to take this crap any more.

The Tech Nag

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