Dear, Please Help Me Not Find Posts in Unrelated Searches


I love you. I worship you, so it comes with great pain to ask you the following.

Please come up with a way for irrelevant blog posts to stay out of my WordPress searches.

I don’t know how to do this myself, other than by restricting my searches to remove from the results, which is self-defeating as I’m on A lot of amazing bloggers and WordPress fans are on and doing this will remove them from the search results.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about relevancy.

I search for WordPress fill-in-the-blank needing help with whatever WordPress thing I’m working on and I’m flooded with twits babbling about things that have absolutely and completely NOTHING to do with WordPress, and the word WordPress not found anywhere on their site other than “Powered by WordPress” and in the URL. This just shows you how powerful the keyword “WordPress” has become.

So I’m asking you for relevancy. I want my WordPress searches to matter. I don’t want to dig through who broke up with whom, who got drunk last night and crashed their car, some twit arguing with another other the current state of the world when it’s clear that neither understands the state of the world, and a million lolcats.

I want to find WordPress help, resources, and techniques that make the world work better and make my life easier.

Thank you, and keep up the fantastic work otherwise.

The Tech Nag

PS: This nag applies to all you dummies who installed WordPress into a WordPress directory on your server, please see Giving WordPress Its Own Directory « WordPress Codex for moving it into a non-WordPress name so you don’t mess up your own SEO and end up in irrelevant searches.

4 thoughts on “Dear, Please Help Me Not Find Posts in Unrelated Searches

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  2. Do you search on Google? Most of the search results I find on Google are relevant searches. They use back links and determine the context of the search term on a page by the links and other content on the page. Google totally works as expected for me.

    • You miss the point. WordPress is a word a search for daily combined with other information. I use it in Twitter searches and tracking and everything else. Because domain names carry huge weight in page rank and Google’s secret sauce, my searches are filled with dating information, personal rants and raves on useless stuff, instead of the expertise in WordPress I seek.

      My rant is two fold. Asking to help Google sift and soft relevant information on blogs “about WordPress” from everything on Not sure that’s possible but I love to dream.

      My second is to convince people to stop installing their NON-WordPress specific sites to a WordPress or WP subdomain or subweb (folder) URL as it influences SEO the wrong way and ticks people off who come to their site through “WordPress” specific searches to find they don’t write about WordPress they just were dumb enough to install WordPress into a WordPress directory on their server. ARGH!

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