Keyboards Wear Out, So Does My Patience With Poor Quality Keyboards

In the July 2008 issue of Smart Computing Magazine, their Action Editor responds to an inquiry about the letters on a keyboard wearing off.

While we understand a scratch or dent on a product caused by a customer would constitute cosmetic damage, we’d call this situation something other than “cosmetic.” As a result, we contacted HP…

…[after offering a newer-model keyboard to the complaining customer] HP researched support calls for the reader’s original product and didn’t find other customers experiencing this issue, so the issue appears isolated.

As I scanned through old issues of the magazine and found this, I have to admit that I squealed my frustration. Since the earliest computer keyboards, I’ve been calling for deeper laser cut letter embedding instead of “stick on” or “paint on” letters and numbers on keyboard. I even spent a few months working with the Microsoft hardware group on testing and reviewing their new line of keyboards to ensure the letters and numbers stayed and weren’t worn off within a few months or less.

Microsoft Keyboard with the letters worn off - by Lorelle VanFosen

Unfortunately, my highly vocal complaints to the keyboard manufacturing community continue to go unheeded as I personally continue to wear out keyboards. Microsoft does have the only keyboard I’ve found that lasts the longest, Logitech the next longest in my information research.

I trained to type on a manual keyboard but quickly switched to an electric as soon as they gained popularity. Yes, I have a strong key strike, and yes, I have long nails, but the keyboard should should put up with any form of abuse for more than two or three months. Few do.

If your keyboard wears out sooner than you think is appropriate, please nag. Nag them to replace it. Nag them to make the letters and numbers last.

Too few people just get a new keyboard or stick on new keyboard number and letter stickers or use a permanent marker.

Complain. Complain loudly.

Unless you are heard, companies like HP are going to continue to think that worn out keyboard keys are isolated cases.

8 thoughts on “Keyboards Wear Out, So Does My Patience With Poor Quality Keyboards

  1. I have worn out my 6 letters on my keyboard, I have an HP wireless keyboard.. I havent had this keyboard more than 2 yrs.. this should happen that quick.. it’s like the letters are painted on not laser etched on..and its frustrating, because I use my thumbs to help guide my fingers to be on the correct keys, and that sucks, I cant just look down and place my fingers on the board, I have to literally look down and place my entire hand over the key board.. HP you suck, give me something of better quality for typers like me….

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  3. I am tempted to ask what it is you do with your keyboards. All the ones I work on do tend to get smooth shiney keys pretty quickly but I have yet to see one where holes are dug… It looks a little bit like abuse to me. I don’t think the letters not appearing on the keys anymore is a huge deal. If you type with such strength and speed (I am assuming), I don’t think you need to look at your keyboard to get your work done. I would recommend you switch to a pricier keyboard made out of metal… it should last a lot longer than plastic.

  4. Hello there, your keyboard is the most worn out keyboard I have ever seen what do u do (blog, tweet, chat, email,..ECT that makes your keyboard wear out to that extent?

  5. This Envy keyboard is the second HP keyboard to go bad with wear to letters. The first one on my Windows 7 machine the keys started to peal. I am tired of this garbage they are fostering on use today. I have a old Vista machine that the key board is perfect on. It is time we make them give us what we pay for or run them out of business.

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